All-In-One Smith Machines

An all-in-one smith machine has become one of the most popular pieces in a home gym. In some respect, besides some additional weights and core accessories, this might be the only exercise machine you need.

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Smith Machine

A smith machine is a barbell that is fixed within a rack and travels along steel guide rods. The barbell cannot be removed from the rack easily or un-intentionally. It travels in a linear plane. The starting position of the barbell can be adjusted as there are bar catchers along the rack’s uprights. There are several exercises that you can perform on a smith machine but the most popular are bench press and squats. The barbell being fixed into the machine allows you to focus on the push or pull motion without having to stabilize the weight like with a free-weight Olympic Bar. This should allow you to lift heavier weights and focus on the targeted muscle for maximum growth. There is also a safety factor as there are built-in safety spotters and bar adjustment hooks along the frame that allow you to safely hook the bar in any height if you are unable to complete the rep.

Half Rack

A half rack is used with a free-weight Olympic bar. In comparison to the smith machine, this now forces you to stabilize the weight. Extra care is needed but the benefits are undisputable as more muscle groups, like your core are recruited to perform the exercise.

Functional Trainer

A functional trainer or a dual adjustable pulley system is a machine with two weight stacks and handles that adjust up and down the unit’s posts allowing you to change the starting position of the exercise. Pulling a weighted cable recruits even more stabilizer muscles and allows you to move in a three-dimensional plane. If you are training to strengthen muscles to perform specific movements, then this is a must. Think of a golf or baseball swing. You could even put a harness around your waist, attach one end to the cable and perform sprint drills.


All-in-one smith machines usually come with a package of attachments. These attachments can include the following

  • Tricep Rope
  • Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Cable Handles
  • Double-D Row 
  • Landmine
  • Dip Bars
  • Weight Storage Pins

It’s no wonder that All-in-one Smith Machines have become such a popular choice amongst the home gym crowd. It is truly the complete strength system that can train the entire body.

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